The focus at the  Center is on navigating adulthood, specifically addressing mid-life. Clients always ask "when is midlife"? The answer that it is a stage not a particular age in life   Often it is a stage when one is seeking answers to probing questions such as "Whats next for me? "or " Is that all there is to my life?".

Midlife often becomes a central issue when a life event triggers the above questions. This introspection arises due to pressure brought on by physiological, interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges we face. Midlife is about facing our own mortality, a desire to reveal one's true self and be authentic. Frankly without addressing midlife the journey in the second half of one's life is nowhere near as fulfilling-a journey that is  fortunately longer due to the good news that we are all living longer.

Having researched midlife at the doctorate life, the belief is that midlife is a bridge between the first and second half of adulthood. Conceptualized, traversing the Midlife Bridge is an important part of the journey of adulthood, This journey commences with the Bridge of Accumulating Responsibilities in early adulthood and ends with  Bridge of Deccumulation and Simplicity in latter stages of adulthood. The Midlife Bridge is important, as navigating it successfully often enables  one to reinvent or rewire,  to lead a lifestyle of choice and enhances one's well-being. The benefits of enhancing one's wellbeing have been well researched and proven and include better health, productivity, collaboration etc.

For more information on these three conceptualized bridges adulthood, please review at the Center for Professional .

Facing mid-life is a challenge we have personally addressed and researched at the doctorate level and was a central focus of developing a life altering professional coaching model . This model uses positive psychology as the foundation to how to assist clients, in how they address solutions to their midlife challenges. 

Coaching and MENTORING through connection, intention, and passion.


“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”

- Wayne Dyer, Author.

“If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed”
— Confucius, Chinese Philosopher


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