Christie Hind (Christie), JD has spent the last 20 years working as a lawyer, professional coach and mentor in Los Angeles.  Originally from the Midwest, Christie studied International Relations and Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison before pursuing her law degree in New York at the City University New York. She began her legal career as law clerk to the Honorable Manual L. Real of the US District Court for the Central District of California and then spent a decade and a half at global law firms, including Morgan Lewis and Pillsbury Winthrop, where she managed large-scale complex litigation matters and corporate investigations.  Christie is admitted to practice law in California and New York.

Shortly after losing her best friend to cancer – and in the midst of witnessing the financial crisis devastate many of her banking and institutional clients – Christie decided it was time to reinvent. Recognizing that her greatest strengths and passions were in the counseling and coaching aspects of her practice, she rewired and transitioned her career from litigation and regulatory lawyer to coach.

As a coach and strategic advisor, Christie has helped lawyers, law firms and other high-level service providers (including CPAs) innovate, increase revenues and heighten organizational effectiveness by teaching them to build, deepen and maintain authentic relationships and to inspire leadership. Since 2010, Christie has been a partner at Cypress LLP where she coaches lawyers and clients while developing and supporting the law firm’s strategic initiatives and client experience programs. Christie has served on several nonprofit boards and regularly speaks and writes on the topics of innovation, relationship-building, leadership, corporate culture and communications.

 Through her legal and coaching work, Christie has seen first hand that most “C” suite executives inevitably face tough questions in midlife that go beyond the stated goal of achieving professional success (including health concerns, caring for aging parents, pressures to retire, divorce, facing their own mortality, etc.). She has seen many at the crossroads asking themselves “what’s next?” with no real pathway to help them consider, let alone curate, the second half of life. By partnering with the Center for Midlife Reinvention, Christie is able to leverage her professional/legal background and coaching expertise to address this void. In addition to drawing upon her own experiences with midlife reinvention (including subsequent reinventions attendant to caring for her aging parents) Christie has immersed herself into the field of human development in midlife and is grateful to be part of a deeply committed life coaching team that is uniquely tailored to help midlife professionals create a life of meaning, purpose, passion and enhanced well-being.